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Is it Safe to Have Sex During Your Period – What Side Effects if Any Would You Have

Автор: guyfrench1001 12.06.2024

Hi lady! Through this article I will answer to your most common question about sex during your period. Once you read this article, your knowledge about this topic will be higher.

So, here are the most important things for you to know. Sex during your period is absolutely safe, provided that you don’t use this tame as a free pass to have unprotected sex.

Although, you should know that safe sex is even more crucial during your period. A risk of STDs and infection is much more higher than during ordinary sex. It’s like that, because the cervix opens to allow blood to pass through. This creates the perfect pathway for bacteria to travel deep inside the pelvic cavity. There is also high risk for desi chudai kahani you to pass on blood-borne disease such as HIV and hepatitis. Also, there is a chance that you can get pregnant during your period, so be careful.

Now that I’ve scared you too much already, you might be asking – What on Earth can you do while on your period? That is the perfect time to spice up your relationship and improve your sexual life. That is the perfect time for giving your man a great blowjob. Yes, there is no better thing to do while on your period, but to give a blowjob.

By giving your man a blowjob, you will absolutely 100% sure make him feel incredible. That way, he will never think of cheating on you or something like that. You will become his blowjob queen!

It is very important to give good blowjobs, and to stop view it as a chore. You need to control your man’s emotions during a blowjob. That is much more important, than using some special technique. Stop thinking of it as a job and you two will instantly see changes.

Dr John

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