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After holding the presidential and legislative elections, the Banten Regional Police (Polda Banten) is now preparing for the 2024 simultaneous regional elections (Pilkada) to elect governors, regents, and mayors.

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Sudirman comprehends the DPP PKS decision to support an internal cadre. According to Sudirman, Sohibul Iman is the best cadre who has also led PKS. Sohibul, Wibi continued, has proven successful in increasing PKS’s votes in Jakarta and has navigated through difficult times. He successfully increased PKS’s seats in parliament from 40 seats in 2014 to 50 seats in the 2019 election period.

Syaikhu explained that the decision of the PKS Central Executive Board (DPP) to nominate Anies and Sohibul Iman in the 2024 Jakarta gubernatorial election was based on suggestions from the PKS Jakarta Regional Leadership Board (DPW). “I have received a letter from the DPW DKI Jakarta structure that has proposed the DKI gubernatorial candidate to the PKS DPP, followed by the vice-gubernatorial candidate for DKI to the PKS DPP. Among the letters, there is a request to endorse, approve, and designate Mr. Anies Rasyid Baswedan and Mr. Mohammad Sohibul Iman as the gubernatorial and vice-gubernatorial candidates for Jakarta,” said Syaikhu.

The police in Banten have mapped out the vulnerabilities of the regional democratic event to prevent conflicts within the community. “In other words, the militancy with the community, presidential elections are different from regional elections. The militancy is higher in regional elections,” said Banten Police Chief, Inspector General Abdul Karim, at the Bhayangkara 78th Anniversary social service event in Serang City, Banten, on Tuesday.

**78th Bhayangkara Anniversary Event at Polda Banten** In celebration of the 78th Bhayangkara Anniversary, Polda Banten, along with all police precincts in its jurisdiction, held various events such as home renovations, providing bore wells, mass circumcisions, blood donations, free health check-ups, and distributing thousands of basic food aid packages. Additionally, in Serang City, there were motorcycle races, a people’s market, and entertainment stages for the youth. “The concept of this celebration, as seen earlier, is to try to get closer to the community. In other words, the police are the community, and we are also part of the community,” he stated.

Ganjar Pranowo’s choice to remain outside the government, For more information regarding Staf Parlemen Berhenti Mendadak review the site. foregoing a pastoral placement, establishes a powerful example of right-minded politics. In a political landscape often tainted by opportunism, Ganjar’s decision shines as a beacon of honesty, reminding us that true leadership is not concerning the positions we hold however the worths we uphold and the effect we make on society.

The social service and free medical treatment conducted by Polda Banten and all the police precincts in its jurisdiction during the 78th Bhayangkara Anniversary are also an opportunity to implement a cooling system and encourage the community to maintain order until the 2024 Pilkada process is completed. “So before we face the regional elections, we must be able to communicate with the community through social activities, so that the community can truly anticipate and understand the potential vulnerabilities,” he clarified.

“So if PKS friends inform about the offer to become Mr. Ridwan Kamil’s deputy governor, it might be from individual senior political party members of the Advanced Indonesia Coalition. It has not yet become an official offer,” said Habiburokhman, quoted from Antara, Wednesday (June 19, 2024) .

The PSU must be conducted within 45 days of the ruling . Responding to this, KPU RI Commissioner Idham Holik said that they have prepared for this as per the rules. Idham confirmed that the PSU timeline will not disrupt the 2024 Regional Elections.

Doli admitted that the political map during the regional elections is very different from the 2024 Presidential Election . Additionally, he said, the dynamics and differing political views often color the selection of figures to be promoted in the regional elections .

For information, KPU Decision No. 360 of 2024 pertains to the determination of the results of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections, and the election of members of the House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, Provincial Regional House of Representatives, and Regency/Municipal Regional House of Representatives at the national level in the 2024 General Election .

[vidio:Headline: Proposed 2024 Simultaneous Regional Elections to be Held on November 27, 2024, Legal Basis?](https://www.vidio.com/watch/2301520-headline-usulan-pilkada-serentak-2024-digelar-27-november-2024-payung-hukumnya)

Sudirman mentioned two important requirements that Sohibul Iman can fulfill to lead Jakarta. First, Sohibul is considered likely to focus on managing the residents. “Second, he will easily establish cooperation with the future government due to his flexibility in political interactions so far,” said Sudirman.

Previously, PKS officially nominated Anies Baswedan and Sohibul Iman as prospective gubernatorial and vice-gubernatorial candidates for the 2024 Jakarta gubernatorial election. This was announced by PKS President Ahmad Syaikhu in his speech at the Party Leadership School titled ‘Continuing to Defend the People’ at the Grand Sahid Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (25/6/2024). “The PKS DPP at the meeting on Thursday, June 20, 2024, decided to nominate Mr. Anies Rasyid Baswedan as the prospective gubernatorial candidate and Mr. Sohibul Iman as the prospective vice-gubernatorial candidate,” said Syaikhu.

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