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Gerindra Secretary General, Ahmad Muzani, was present at the halal bihalal gathering for all Lampung Gerindra leaders on 11th May 2024.

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The police in Banten have mapped out the vulnerabilities of the regional democratic event to prevent conflicts within the community. “In other words, the militancy with the community, presidential elections are different from regional elections. The militancy is higher in regional elections,” said Banten Police Chief, Inspector General Abdul Karim, at the Bhayangkara 78th Anniversary social service event in Serang City, Banten, on June 25, 2024.

As the Indonesian public and political experts alike wait for the following meeting between these two significant numbers, the significance of their relationship remains to expand. It stands as a symbol of expect unity, discussion, and understanding in Indonesian politics.

Deputy governor candidate of PKS Sohibul Iman said he has no issues if the Golkar Party nominates Ridwan Kamil (RK) for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. He also expressed confidence in facing RK in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. “No problem, in the competition (Pilkada), there is no need to be afraid, right? We’ll just compete,” said Sohibul Iman when met during the opening of the PKS Leadership School at the Grand Sahid Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (25/6/2024). Sohibul has been officially paired by PKS with the former Governor of DKI Jakarta for the 2017-2022 period, Anies Baswedan. Anies has been nominated as the prospective gubernatorial candidate for Jakarta 2024.

After going through several processes and judging, assisted by cultural practitioners and the Dompu Department of Culture and Tourism, the judges finally determined the winners of the 2024 Simultaneous Pilkada Mascot and Jingle Competition in Dompu Regency. The Mascot winner was M. Indermawan, while the Jingle creation was won by Muhammad Rafli.

The political trip of these 2 numbers has actually been long and loaded with challenges. Their partnership has weathered various selecting cycles, consisting of the extreme period of the 2014-2019 political elections. Despite the heated moments between their fans, Prabowo and Megawati took care of to maintain their individual relations unaffected, even in times of increased political stress.

The social service and free medical treatment conducted by Polda Banten and all the police precincts in its jurisdiction during the 78th Bhayangkara Anniversary are also an opportunity to implement a cooling system and encourage the community to maintain order until the 2024 Pilkada process is completed. “So before we face the regional elections, we must be able to communicate with the community through social activities, so that the community can truly anticipate and understand the potential vulnerabilities,” he explained.

Anies, who is currently abroad, shared his gratitude through a post on his personal Instagram page @aniesbaswedan on June 26, 2024. “I am currently traveling, so please allow me to share this recording to express my gratitude and appreciation for PKS’s decision today as announced by Mr. PKS President,” said Anies. Anies said that he will communicate with PKS leaders to discuss further steps and If you have any sort of concerns relating to where and how you can use Koalisi Tuding AS Sudutkan, you can contact us at our own website. follow-up actions for the Jakarta gubernatorial election (Pilgub) once he returns to the homeland. “The same goes for the other party leaders. We have struggled together in Jakarta as well as at the national level with PKS, God willing, we will continue to struggle together in the future,” stated Anies. Anies believes that besides PKB and PKS, other political parties (parpol) will also support his run in the Jakarta Pilkada. He is determined to return Jakarta to a developed city. “Praise be to God, after PKB and PKS, God willing, other parties will also fight together to restore Jakarta to a developed city with content citizens. Greetings to the entire PKS family,” stated Anies. It is known that Anies is currently on vacation in Spain when PKS officially announced his nomination for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. The moment in Spain was seen from Anies’s social media post showing him visiting the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Anies is scheduled to be abroad for two weeks.

On this occasion, he announced the candidate for governor for Lampung, appointed by the Gerindra Party Chairman, Prabowo Subianto, namely Djausal Rahmat Mirzani, to contest in the upcoming regional election. At present, Djausal Mirzani Rahmat is serving as the DPD Gerindra Lampung Chairman. “In Lampung, Prabowo has concluded that the person considered fit to be the governor of Lampung is Mr. Rahmat Mirzani Djausal. The designation of Mirza as the gubernatorial candidate by Prabowo is not without considering the opinions, recommendations, and feedback he has heard from various village leaders, experts, and religious figures in Lampung,” said Muzani in his address. He hopes that the announcement of Djausal as a governor candidate can be the commencement for Lampung to achieve more blessings. Muzani also asked all Gerindra Lampung administrators to unite to win Rahmat as the next governor of Lampung in the forthcoming regional election. However, he said, this announcement is not merely for achieving power. As per the directive of the elected president, Subianto Prabowo, power must be utilized to protect the interests of the people. “The most important thing is that power must be employed as a tool to advocate for truth and justice and the entitlements of the people. Integrity is a principle we have consented to in our national unity,” he said. “Therefore, as mentioned by Mr. Subianto, power must be used to safeguard the underprivileged, uphold truth, ensure equity, attain wealth, and establish a feeling of safety for all Indonesian people,” said the Deputy Chairman of the MPR. Reminded to Care for the People As per Muzani, creating security and providing food for all people is the obligation of a administration. Hence, Prabowo has started a program of free lunch and milk for all pupils in schools and boarding schools. “Supplying meals to the people and providing a sense of security for the population is a basic right for all Indonesians and {humanity|humans|

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