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NasDem Party’s Central Leadership nominated the duo Muhammad Syahrul Munir and Tri Putro Utomo (Santri) as the candidates for regent and deputy regent in the Gresik Pilkada 2024.

Автор: claudekellett9 10.07.2024

A. Irawan stated that the data found the public reception of potential regent candidates for Jember. The approval rating of Siswanto is only 48.7 percent, less than 50 percent, while the former regent Faida has an reception of 78.6 percent. Meanwhile, M. Fawait has an approval rating of 53 percent, and other candidates such as Wajads, Sudiyono, and Supaat all have approval ratings below 50 percent. “From the JJI survey, the voter preference (Top of Mind) of Faida as a regent candidate for Jember leads in the first place with 37.7 percent. In second place is Siswanto with 20.7 percent electability, followed by Fawait with an voter preference of 17.7 percent,” he explained. Other candidates, like J. Wajads, have 4.6 percent, and H. Supaat has 3.6 percent, with other individuals below 2 percent.

Many Figures Furthermore, the Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister, A. Azwar Anas, is also viewed as a potential East Java gubernatorial candidate. “Then who else, Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas, former Banyuwangi Regent. If he can in Jakarta, why not in East Java?” said Sotarduga. If you have any kind of concerns pertaining to where and how to make use of Persaingan Senat California, you can call us at our web-site. As for the deputy gubernatorial position, Sotarduga said that PDIP also has many members. They include Vice Chairman of PDIP DPD Jatim Budi Kanang Sulistyono and Hanindhito Himawan Pramana, Kediri Regent. “For the deputy candidate in East Java, there are even more. There’s Mas Kanang, Mas Dito. Many more regents or mayors there,” he added.

In Central Sulawesi, he said, besides economic issues that are also a national leadership concern, such as the prices of basic necessities and job availability, infrastructure conditions are also a major focus for residents, particularly damaged roads, frequent power outages, and clean water availability. “The closer the candidate is perceived by residents as a solution to existing problems, the greater their chances of being elected,” he said.

The results reveal that three individuals are competing in the 2024 Jember Pilkada: Faida, the former Regent of Jember (2016-2021), Muhammad Fawait from the East Java DPRD, and Hendy Siswanto, the incumbent Regent of Jember. “The data reveal that Siswanto and Faida are very recognized by the people of Jember, with awareness rates above 80 percent. Faida is recognized by 82.7 percent of the population, Hendy Siswanto has 78.7 percent recognition, and Muhammad Fawait by 65.7 percent. Other individuals, such as Jaddin Wajads, Education Head Achmad Sudiyono, and Hadi Supaat of PDI Perjuangan, have popularity ratings below 40 percent,” said Agusta in a press release on June 15, 2024.

Burhanuddin said the Central Sulawesi Pilkada is only about 5 months away. However, he stated, if there is no change in the socialization pattern in the remaining time, Ahmad Ali’s chances of winning are more open. “The direct election is still about 5 months away, but if there is no change in the socialization pattern in the remaining time, then Ahmad Ali has the greatest likelihood of becoming the winner in the direct election for the Governor of Central Sulawesi on November 27, 2024,” he explained.

PKS is open to forming a coalition with the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) after officially nominating Anies Baswedan-Sohibul Iman as the gubernatorial and vice-gubernatorial candidates for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. “Yes, it is very possible (to form a coalition with PDIP),” said Syaikhu at the opening of the Party Leadership School at the Grand Sahid Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (25/6/2024).

Sotarduga noted that PDIP has many cadres who could be put forward as the candidate for the 2024 East Java governor, including Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung. “Now let me ask, don’t we have a candidate for governor? We do. Can’t Mr. Pram do it? He could in Jakarta, why not in East Java,” he said. Besides Pram, he also highlighted Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini and Chairman of the DPR RI Budget Board (Banggar) Said Abdullah. “Could Mrs. Tri Rismaharini not be suitable for East Java? Could Mr. Said Abdullah not be suitable for East Java?” he added.

Muhammad Syahrul showed his gratitude and acknowledgment for being given the trust to work together in the Pilkada in Gresik. “We will immediately organize and engage, as well as engage and connect with the community to achieve the hope of victory,” he said on Monday (24/6/2024). In terms of his reason for selecting Tri Putro Utomo as his partner, Syahrul noticed the potential and prominence that is expected to attract votes. “Mas Tri is a prosperous entrepreneur, he also represents the south of Gresik, while I stand for the middle and north areas. Our nickname ‘Santri’ is a representation of Gresik,” said the young politician. Predicted to compete with the current holder, Syahrul affirmed that he is set and determined to making Gresik improved and progressive. With the endorsement given to the “Santri” pair, PKB and NasDem agreed to join forces in the voting planned for November 27th, 2024. Even though they have the required seats to submit to the KPU (PKB 14 seats and NasDem two seats), they are continuing to talk with other parties that have similar goals.

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