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Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) shifted direction by nominating Anies Baswedan as the gubernatorial candidate in the 2024 Jakarta regional elections while its own cadre, Sohibul Iman, is only nominated as the deputy governor candidate.

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Director of Lingkar Madani (Lima), Ray Rangkuti, expressed surprise at PKS’s passive move. “I am surprised by PKS. They were very quick. Even before the banana leaf turned yellow, they had already reversed their policy,” stated Ray in a written statement on Wednesday. According to Ray, this move by PKS is a sign of PKS’s weakness in negotiation and lobbying. At least, PKS has lost the opportunity twice to place their cadre in the gubernatorial position. “PKS’s weakness is their negotiation and lobbying ability. In the Jakarta political scene, PKS has accepted negotiation defeats at least twice. First, when Mardani Ali Sera was dropped as a deputy gubernatorial candidate and when they lost the right to get the gubernatorial position when Sandiaga ran as a vice-presidential candidate,” explained Ray.

This brings his name nearer to competing in Jakarta. However, parties within the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM), such as Golkar, are still weighing whether to advance Ridwan Kamil, alias RK, in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. One reason is his potential to secure the West Java Pilkada. Nevertheless, RK is regarded as the most promising candidate. Despite this, the situation remains very dynamic.

**Former Anies Spokesperson Praises Sohibul Iman, Criticizes Jakarta Pilkada as Stepping Stone to 2029 Presidential Election** Former Co-Captain of the Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar (AMIN) Winning Team, Sudirman Said, supports the PKS DPP’s decision to nominate Sohibul Iman as the 2024 Jakarta gubernatorial candidate. Sohibul Iman’s capacity and integrity are proven, so there is no doubt about his ability to lead Jakarta in the future. “Certainly, friends and cadres in the PKS Faction in the DKI DPRD will be good sources and provide good input, given their daily legislative, budgetary, and oversight duties in Jakarta Province,” said Sudirman, as quoted by Antara, on Monday, June 24, 2024. According to the former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Sohibul Iman has a wide network among professionals and businesspeople. Therefore, If you loved this short article and you would love to receive details relating to Kontroversi pelajaran kepemilikan senjata assure visit the webpage. he believes Sohibul will quickly receive the necessary input. Additionally, Sudirman Said assesses that Sohibul is the right person to lead Jakarta because he will work with focus. So far, Sudirman has not seen any aspirations for Sohibul to advance to a higher political competition, such as the presidential election. Sudirman also reminds the public to choose gubernatorial candidates who genuinely want to manage Jakarta towards becoming a global city while addressing its complex problems. “I see Jakarta in an important transformation process. The next Jakarta governor must be 100 percent focused. Do not make Jakarta merely a political stage, especially a stepping stone to the 2029 presidential election,” stated the former spokesperson for Anies Baswedan.

The name Sohibul Iman was nominated because he is considered a figure with adequate capacity. He led PKS during the 2015-2020 period. Under his leadership, PKS saw an increase in votes and seats in the DPR RI. Sohibul was elected three times as a member of the DPR RI and has also served as Deputy Speaker of the DPR RI, and as Vice Rector of Paramadina University. He is also known as a technocrat and a Muslim scholar. “This means he has proven leadership in elevating PKS. He also has a long track record in politics,” said Mabruri.

According to Huda, another PKS confusion is pairing Anies-Sohibul directly, which he considers a blunder. “The ensuing problem is immediately pairing Mr. Anies and Mr. Sohibul Iman. In my view, that’s a blunder,” he said. Huda said that by pairing Anies with Sohibul, it closes the door for other parties to join in supporting Anies. “This will close the door for other parties to partner and form this coalition,” stated.

**Puan Says PDIP Considers Nominating Anies Baswedan in Jakarta Pilkada** The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) is considering the name Anies Baswedan to be nominated in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. The decision to consider nominating the former presidential candidate as Jakarta’s gubernatorial candidate came after PDIP DPP Chairperson Said Abdullah met with PKB General Chair Muhaimin Iskandar, also known as Cak Imin, to discuss cooperation in the Jakarta Pilkada. “The existing names will be reviewed later. All names are considered,” said PDIP DPP Chairperson Puan Maharani at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday. Besides the Jakarta Pilkada, Puan also admitted they are considering figures for the East Java Pilkada. “We communicate all names and also try to simulate them because each region has its own peculiarities. So all names need to be considered,” she stated.

The Executive Director of Indonesian Political Parameters stated that the current conditions and situation are still very dynamic, given that the Pilkada is still six months away. Therefore, it is natural for political leaders to still be discussing potential names to nominate. However, based on current survey data, there are only two major names. “Anies is still the strongest, closely followed by RK,” he said, as quoted on Saturday (8/6/2024). Other names, although appearing in surveys, are still not competitive enough to compete with Anies Baswedan or RK. “If a name like Anies can participate, the only suitable opponent is RK. Other names are not yet competitive,” Adi said.

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