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PKS Spokesperson Mr. Sopian mentioned that his party prefers having two coalitions for the 2024 Jakarta gubernatorial election.

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Previously, PDIP DPP Chairperson Mr. Sotarduga proposed that if their party collaborates with PKB to support Anies Baswedan in the Jakarta Pilkada, they propose the gubernatorial seat in East Java to PDIP. “For instance, in Jakarta, if PKB becomes the gubernatorial candidate, can PDIP become the gubernatorial candidate in East Java? Sure, it’s not a barter, but that’s what cooperation means, we can’t achieve everything on our own, we must work together,” stated Eriko at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

“Eriko’s offer is intriguing,” said Huda at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on June 26, 2024. According to Huda, the possibility of PKB allying with PDIP in Jakarta is open if PDIP is ready to take the deputy governor for Anies and if PKS does not manage to find a coalition partner in the Jakarta Pilkada. “It’s possible that PKB, with PDIP as the deputy, could happen if PKS fails to form a coalition,” clarified Huda.

1. February 27 – November 16, 2024: Notification and registration of election observers
2. April 24 – May 31, 2024: Submission of potential voter list
3. May 5 – August 19, 2024: Fulfillment of requirements for independent candidate pairs
4. May 31 – September 23, 2024: Voter data updating and list preparation
5. August 24 – August 26, 2024: Announcement of candidate pair registration
6. August 27 – August 29, 2024: Candidate pair registration
7. August 27 – September 21, 2024: Candidate requirements examination
8. September 22, 2024: Determination of candidate pairs
9. September 25 – November 23, 2024: Campaign implementation
10. November 27, 2024: Voting day
11. November 27 – December 16, 2024: Vote counting and recapitulation .

According to Sohibul, he and Anies are ready to fight honorably in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. Including, he said, if they have to face the former West Java Governor (Jabar) Ridwan Kamil (RK). “God willing, we are ready to compete fairly,” he said. Sohibul thinks that whoever candidate for gubernatorial and vice-gubernatorial posts nominated by political parties (political parties) aims for the betterment of Jakarta. “Whoever wins is ultimately for the people of Jakarta, for the betterment of Jakarta’s people, so there is no issue if the people of Jakarta believe in us, we will lead, and if they don’t, there is no problem,” said the former PKS President.

“Should Mr. Ridwan Kamil runs in West Java, PKB will create its own alliance,” stated Huda at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on June 26, 2024. Regarding the chance of collaborating with PDIP in West Java, Huda confessed that there has been no formal communication. However, PKB and PDIP have exchanged information. “There hasn’t been communication with Kang Ono. There has been an exchange of information but it hasn’t reached the stage of discussing whether to meet or not. So it hasn’t reached that point yet. PKB’s interest for West Java is to declare a coalition first, not focus on the candidate, so for now, the candidate is not PKB West Java’s focus,” he said. However, he hopes that the coalition they build will have chemistry so that in the next few weeks it can be declared. “We will build a coalition with the same chemistry, we hope it can be declared in the next few weeks,” he added.

PKS Ready to Compete with Ridwan Kamil in Jakarta Pilkada Meanwhile, potential vice gubernatorial candidate (Cawagub) from the Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera), Sohibul Iman, said that it is not an issue if the Golkar Party nominates Ridwan Kamil (Mr. Kamil) for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. He is also optimistic about facing RK in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. “No problem, in a contest (Pilkada) there is no need to be scared. Let’s just fight,” said Sohibul Iman when met during the Inauguration of the PKS Leadership School at the Grand Sahid Hotel, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday. Sohibul has officially been teamed up by PKS with the former Jakarta Governor for the 2017-2022 period, Mr. Baswedan. Anies has been nominated as the prospective gubernatorial candidate (candidate) for Jakarta in 2024.

This is because the chances of winning are higher as the election will not go to two rounds. “Yes, actually, two or three coalitions are interesting. For us, two coalitions are more attractive; our chances of winning are higher. If there are three coalitions, it could go to two rounds, which we are also considering,” stated Pipin at the Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, on June 25. Pipin mentioned that the possibility of forming a new coalition for the Jakarta Pilgub is still open. However, this must be discussed with other political parties (parties). “All these possibilities exist, and we are just one party among many, so we need to talk together,” he stated.

**PKS Invites NasDem and PKB to Support Anies-Sohibul Iman Pair** Ahmad Syaikhu will invite other political parties (parties) to support the Anies Baswedan-Sohibul Iman duo in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. According to Syaikhu, his party still lacks the seats needed to nominate gubernatorial and deputy gubernatorial candidates in the Jakarta Pilkada. “Therefore, we have already communicated with our coalition from the previous presidential election,” said Syaikhu. In the 2024 presidential election, PKS joined a coalition with the NasDem Party and the National Awakening Party (Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa) to nominate the number one pair Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar (AMIN). According to Syaikhu, he has communicated with NasDem Party Chairman Surya Paloh. Syaikhu stated that Surya Paloh welcomed the Anies Baswedan-Sohibul Iman pair positively. “Alhamdulillah, Mr. Surya Paloh also gave a positive signal for this nomination,” explained Syaikhu. Communication, Syaikhu continued, will soon be continued to other political parties, including with PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin). “He (Cak Imin) is on a flight, so Insyaallah, we will talk after this. We will talk and meet PKB too, we hope we can unite in nominating leadership in DKI Jakarta,” said Syaikhu.

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