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Prabowo Subianto’s Consulting with Surya Paloh: A Visionary Tip Toward National Unity

Автор: earnestinehaywor 10.07.2024

Huda reminded that the Jakarta Regional Election is very fluid and nothing is fixed, including PKS as the winner of the Jakarta Election but unable to nominate candidates independently. “Nominating two figures as governor and deputy governor candidates requires a party that already has a golden ticket, which means 20 percent,” he said. “We know that PKS won the recent legislative elections. However, they haven’t reached 20 percent because they only have 18 seats, while 20 percent requires 22 seats,” concluded Huda.

Habiburokhman finds it challenging to identify who KIM’s competitors are in Jakarta. He also questions whether there will be any party joining PKS. “So it is difficult to map out whether there will be another party joining or not,” he said.

However, he believes it is different with Gerindra, as they will make maximum efforts to cooperate with the Coalition for Advanced Indonesia (KIM) party to endorse Ridwan Kamil. “But for the Gerindra Party in Jakarta, we will make maximum efforts to build communication, especially with KIM parties and other parties,” he said.

The Relevance of Political Maturation
This event emphasizes the significance of political maturity and the determination to engage in discussion and teamwork for the sake of national interest. It tests various other political leaders and celebrations to rise over partial issues for more comprehensive national goals.

Getting Over Liberal Democracy Obstacles
In an age where liberal freedom dominates, Prabowo’s approach offers a rejuvenating option. By advertising important participation over opposition, he intends to minimize the disruptive results of party national politics and foster a more comprehensive political atmosphere.

“Actually, the PKS declaration yesterday did not meet the quota for candidacy, so we do not yet count Mr. Anies and Mr. Sohibul as definitive candidates,” said Habiburokhman at the Parliament Complex in Senayan, Jakarta, on Wednesday (26/6/2024).

Meanwhile, Sohibul Iman, according to Syaikhu, is a scholar. He stated that Sohibul also has an impressive track record in government. “Mr. Sohibul Iman is a technocrat, also a scholar who was once the rector of Paramadina University. He has experience in the legislature as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) for the 2013-2014 period and was once the president of PKS for the 2015-2020 period,” explained Syaikhu. Syaikhu mentioned that PKS is a cadre party that has a mandate to carry out political cadre regeneration and leadership regeneration. Therefore, he stated, in this simultaneous Pilkada 2024, the party will nominate its cadre to run as a regional head candidate. “Especially in the base areas where PKS is the winning party or has a majority of DPRD seats. PKS will strive to nominate its own cadre as a candidate,” stated Syaikhu.

The Secretary General of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), Aboe Bakar Al-Habsyi, stated that the declaration of the Anies Baswedan-Sohibul Iman (AMAN) candidate pair for the Jakarta Regional Election has involved communication with Anies and the parties in the Coalition for Change, namely NasDem and PKB. “A statement like this would not happen without dialogue. There has been in-depth communication with NasDem and PKB,” said Aboe at the Parliament Complex in Senayan, Jakarta, on Wednesday (26/6/2024).

**Pantarlih Salary** The salary for Pantarlih in the context of the 2024 Pilkada has been set at Rp 1,000,000 per month. This amount is regulated in KPU Decision Number 472 of 2024 and the Ministry of Finance Letter Number S-647/MK.02/2022. This salary is part of the compensation received by Pantarlih for performing their duties during the one-month period, from June 24 to July 25, 2024. In addition to the monthly salary, there is also accident compensation provided to Pantarlih in certain situations. The details of the compensation are as follows: Death: Rp 36,000,000 per person Permanent Disability: Rp 30,800,000 per person Serious Injury: Rp 16,500,000 per person Moderate Injury: Rp 8,250,000 per person Funeral Assistance: Rp 10,000,000 per person This compensation is a form of protection for Pantarlih who experience mishaps while performing their duties. The amount of compensation provided is based on the severity of the injury or If you loved this short article and you would like to acquire far more info regarding Mengenal calon Senat Alabama (www.tripforsenate.com) kindly visit our web-page. loss experienced by Pantarlih. With the established salary and accident compensation, it is expected that Pantarlih can carry out their duties with dedication and responsibility while paying attention to safety and security aspects during the 2024 Pilkada.

Previously, the National Awakening Party (PKB) stated that they want to collaborate with PDIP to build Jakarta together. PKB Secretary General Hasanuddin Wahid said that PKB cadres and grassroots are encouraging Anies Baswedan to run in the Jakarta Regional Election. According to him, the decision will be more legitimate if PDIP supports Anies. “The essence is that we want to build Jakarta together with PDIP,” said Hasanuddin Wahid to reporters on Tuesday (25/6/2024).

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