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Prabowo to Look for Jokowi’s Recommendations on Closet Formation

Автор: eldenpbq41 10.07.2024

Political analysts and observers commented that these results demonstrated a strong public push for change in Jakarta’s leadership. They also emphasized the importance of not being overly fixated on the quick count results and waiting for the official results from the KPU to determine the winner of the 2017 DKI Pilkada.

n”We are fully aware, and with our current fourth rank, we realize it is unlikely for us to aim for the number one position. So, PDI Perjuangan will aim for the number two position, the deputy governor,” he said

Quick count is a rapid counting method conducted by survey institutions, and its results can provide an early indication of who will be the winner in the Pilkada contest. With quick count results, the public can obtain information more quickly about the election outcome before the official announcement from the General Election Commission (KPU).

Quick count is an election result monitoring method carried out by counting a portion of the votes that have come in to predict the final election outcome. This method involves analyzing a sample of votes from various polling stations and extrapolating the results to predict the final outcome. Institutions conducting quick counts usually select random and representative samples to ensure accuracy. Some institutions use advanced statistical methods and modern technology, such as real-time monitoring through applications and specialized software, to conduct quick counts. They also perform real-time monitoring to obtain accurate and relevant results. The accuracy of the quick count method heavily depends on the representativeness and randomness of the samples taken. Additionally, the accuracy is influenced by the sophistication of the technology used to process the data quickly and accurately. Therefore, the quick count method can be considered relevant and accurate in predicting the final election results, although the official results from the General Election Commission (KPU) are the ultimate reference.

A Historic Fulfilling in the Making
The upcoming meeting in between Megawati Soekarnoputri and Prabowo Subianto is not just a politeness call; it’s a historical minute that signifies the potential for reconciliation and collaboration in Indonesian politics. This occasion marks a considerable separation from past rivalries, showcasing a determination to bridge separates for the nation’s advantage.

1. Number of Voters
The number of voters in the 2017 DKI Jakarta Pilkada was around 7.2 million. Voters included Jakarta residents who met the requirements to vote, namely Indonesian citizens aged 17 and over, and those who met administrative and legal requirements.

“In the current election, we have to be realistic. For example, why are we communicating with PKS when there has never been cooperation between PDIP and PKS before? With the condition of KIM possibly forming in West Java, it leaves only PDIP, PKS, PPP. We don’t know about NasDem, whether they will join the government. PKB has already, and we are continuously communicating with PPP and PKS,” explained Ono

The quick count results of the second round of the 2017 DKI Pilkada revealed controversial outcomes, with the losing candidate pair making allegations of fraud. Challenges and controversies arose when the quick count results showed the previously favored candidate losing, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the results. The losing side in the quick count often alleged fraud in the voting process, such as money politics or data manipulation. These challenges sparked unrest in the community and caused political instability. Additionally, legal challenges could delay the official election results.

n”Who are they? The party has many cadres in West Java, and the DPP and the assigned team are mapping out who the internal PDIP cadres in West Java will be paired with the gubernatorial candidate,” he said

Established Credentials Fuady described that Eman’s track record in the bureaucratic sphere in Majalengka has indeed been established. He pointed out one of the breakthroughs of Eman was initiating the Decent Housing Program (Rutilahu) in collaboration with the Scouts and Baznas of Majalengka. “Not only that, Suherman also pays great attention to the youth of Majalengka. His focus on the youth is channeled through real efforts such as the renovation of Warung Jambu Stadium, the pride of Majalengka residents,” stated Fuady. Therefore, Fuady thinks that Eman is the regent candidate who grasps the conditions of the Majalengka community the best. Moreover, he said, Suherman, who is also a native son of the region, is the most desired regent candidate in the 2024 Majalengka Pilkada. “They are also usually native residents and can effectively communicate with voters in their respective regions or the community in their areas,” clarified Muhammad Fuady.

The quick count results of the second round of the 2017 DKI Pilkada showed that the Anies-Sandi pair received 58.5% support, while the Ahok-Djarot pair garnered 41.5%. This indicated a victory for the Anies-Sandi pair in the second round of the 2017 DKI Pilkada. Compared to the first-round quick count results, there was a significant increase in support for the Anies-Sandi pair, while the Ahok-Djarot pair experienced a decline in support.

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