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The Cozy Ties In Between Prabowo and Megawati: Expecting Their Next Meeting

Автор: claudekellett9 10.07.2024

Furthermore, Hadi asked for synergy from local governments in facilitating the organization of the 2024 Pilkada. Where the local government does not facilitate, the simultaneous Pilkada will certainly be disrupted. “Therefore, total synergy can ensure the successful implementation of the 2024 simultaneous Pilkada,” he said. Hadi reminded the local governments to take strategic steps, including avoiding overlaps between central and local governments.

[vidio:VIDEO: If Ordered by the NasDem Chairman, Ahmad Sahroni is Ready to Run in the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election](https://www.vidio.com/watch/8245529-jika-diperintahkan-ketum-nasdem-ahmad-sahroni-siap-maju-di-pilgub-dki-jakarta-liputan-6)

I Am Ready Dico Ganinduto aims to give back to the country by running in the Pilkada. He is sincere and accepting if fate leads another way. “So, whatever the result, I am ready. I am sincere, as long as I make maximum efforts. My intention is to make a positive contribution to the country,” he admitted.

Adi also sees this as PKS’s effort to anticipate offers from the Coalition of Indonesia’s Progress (KIM), which is seriously considering nominating Ridwan Kamil for If you have any sort of inquiries concerning where and how to make use of Saran optimalkan aktivitas harian (http://microcapspeculator.net/2010/12/22/buy-chinese-microcap-stocks), you could call us at the page. Jakarta. “At the same time, PKS is a party that many other contenders are eyeing for vice-candidate slots. For instance, there was a recent offer from the KIM camp for PKS to be Ridwan Kamil’s running mate. In this context, PKS is deliberately putting forward their cadre to anticipate the seriousness of the offer to be Ridwan Kamil’s companion,” he explained.

This decision is inspired by his determination to provide a fresh option, presenting a different vision and experience to the Banten community, outside the long-standing dominant dynasty in the region. The leadership of Arief Wismansyah in Tangerang has been acknowledged for advancement in city management and development of inclusive infrastructure, creating a solid base to advance Banten. In this context, he is dedicated to promoting social equity, long-term development, and equitable development throughout Banten. Arief conveyed his readiness to face the challenges of the Pilkada in Banten with a vision focused on positive change and improvements for all societal layers. He shared that his decision to run was initially unexpected, but the encouragement from the community and his family made him reevaluate. He mentioned that a meeting with VP Ma’ruf Amin significantly impacted his decision to run. “I was invited by Ma’ruf Amin, and we had a meeting. He questioned, are you really running, Mr. Arief? If you want to run, you have to win; if you’re not sure you can win, don’t run, he said. I thought he was right. Ultimately, on Monday afternoon, I decided to run,” Arief said when interviewed in the Karawaci region of Tangerang City, Sunday (23/06/2024). Arief also conveyed his views on the ruling political family in Banten, noting the split in the community related to this dominance. Nevertheless, he is hopeful about running with famous candidates in the region. “I hope to work together with the Banten citizens to develop jointly, including with the existing dynasties,” he added. Arief highlighted his willingness to work with various parties for the advancement of Banten, without neglecting the interests of the people. “Whatever the outcome, I hope the next leadership can provide the best for Banten,” he concluded. With this step, Arief Rachadiono Wismansyah calls upon the people of Banten to endorse a shared vision in progressing the region through the upcoming election.

However, Anies was not in Jakarta when PKS declared their support for the Jakarta Pilkada. The former Governor of DKI Jakarta was known to be on vacation in Spain. This was evident from Anies Baswedan’s social media post showing him visiting the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Previously, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin requested the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) to provide education through positive and neutral broadcasts during the simultaneous Pilkada on November 27, 2024. According to Ma’ruf, this is to ensure the public receives credible information and to reduce the spread of false information or hoaxes related to the 2024 Pilkada.

Maximum Effort When asked how optimistic he is about running in the 2024 Pilkada, Dico Ganinduto was uncertain. He states he can only try his hardest and leave the results to God Almighty. “I believe, as humans, we must strive and make maximum efforts. As much as possible, try with good intentions. We leave the results to Allah,” explained Dico Ganinduto.

As Indonesia proceeds to navigate its complex political surface, the role of leaders like Prabowo and Megawati becomes progressively considerable. Their connection, and the discussion it assists in, could play a crucial duty in resolving a few of the country’s most pressing problems.

“Secondly, this is related to PKS’s significantly increased vote share in the legislative elections, where they were the top vote-getter in Jakarta in the 2024 elections. These two variables explain why PKS is nominating their internal cadre,” he added.

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