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The Latest Collection of Hoaxes Surrounding President Jokowi: Introducing the Truth

Автор: muhammadt15 10.07.2024

To determine hoaxes, think about the source of the info, check against respectable news electrical outlets, and be doubtful of spectacular headings. Fact-checking internet sites and devices can also aid confirm the authenticity of a tale.

In today’s electronic age, misinformation concerning President Jokowi remains to distribute among the public. These hoaxes appear in numerous styles and spread out across social media and chat applications. What are the most recent hoaxes concerning President Jokowi? Right here are several of them, along with the truths:

This decision is driven by his resolve to offer a new alternative, presenting a different vision and experience to the Banten community, apart from the long-standing dominant dynasty in the region. Arief Wismansyah’s leadership in Tangerang has been noted for advancement in city management and comprehensive infrastructure improvements, creating a firm groundwork to advance Banten Province. In this context, he is committed to promoting social equity, sustainable growth, and equitable development throughout Banten. Arief expressed his readiness to face the challenges of the Banten election with a vision aimed at positive progress and progress for all segments of society. He revealed that his decision to run was initially unintended, but the motivation from the community and his family made him think again. He mentioned that a meeting with Ma’ruf Amin, the Vice President significantly affected his decision to run. “I was invited by Mr. Ma’ruf Amin, and we had a meeting. He questioned, are you really running, Mr. Arief? If you want to run, you have to win; if you’re not sure you can win, don’t run, he said. I thought he was right. Eventually, on Monday afternoon, I decided to run,” Arief said when interviewed in the Karawaci area of Tangerang City, Sunday (23/06/2024). Arief also shared his views on the dominant political dynasty in Banten, noting the division in the community related to this dominance. Nevertheless, he is hopeful about running with well-known candidates in the region. “I hope to work together with the Banten citizens to build together, including with the existing dynasties,” he added. Arief stressed his willingness to collaborate with various parties for the advancement of Banten, without neglecting the interests of the people. “Whatever the outcome, I hope the next leadership can deliver the best for Banten,” he concluded. With this step, Arief Rachadiono Wismansyah asks the people of Banten to back a shared vision in advancing the region through the upcoming election.

Combating hoaxes is identical to battling lack of knowledge. Considering that July 2, 2018, Liputan6.com’s Reality Examine has joined the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) and became a Facebook partner. If you have info regarding hoaxes that you desire us to examine and verify, please send it to cekfakta.liputan6@kly.id.

In preparation for the 2024 Election, the General Election Commission (KPU) estimates the need for 5,742,127 KPPS members, who will be spread across 820,161 polling stations (TPS) throughout Indonesia. Additionally, 12,765 Indonesian citizens abroad will also be recruited as KPPS members in 128 countries.

With their increasing importance and recognition of their contributions, KPPS members are expected to carry out their duties with dedication and professionalism. Larger financial rewards are expected to boost their spirit and motivation to maintain integrity and ensure the success of the 2024 Election.

Many Figures Furthermore, the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan-RB), Abdullah Azwar Anas, is also considered a potential East Java governor hopeful. “Then who else, Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas, former Banyuwangi Regent. If he can in Jakarta, why not in East Java?” said Eriko. As for the vice-governor candidate, Sotarduga said that PDIP also has many members. They include Vice Chairman of PDIP DPD Jatim Budi Kanang Sulistyono and Hanindhito Himawan Pramana, Kediri Regent. “For the deputy candidate in East Java, there are even more. There’s Mas Kanang, Mas Dito. Many more local officials there,” he added.

If this materializes, the two parties will prepare an opponent for the Khofifah-Emil Dardak duo. “Perhaps we can work together with PKB in East Java, right,” E. Sotarduga told the press at the Senayan complex, Jakarta’s Senayan, Monday. He expressed optimism about the strength of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle and Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa in the region, as both parties hold a significant number of DPRD seats. “The winner in East Java now is PKB, and in the last period, we were the winners. So, if the current period’s winner and the last period’s winner collaborate, why not?” he said.

Furthermore, public reaction has been considerable in response to the rumor that Ahmad and Ganinduto will team up in the upcoming contest. As a wife, Chacha Frederica admits she will always back Ganinduto’s choice to run in the Central Java Pilkada, including her husband’s initiative to invite Raffi Ahmad to join the political contest. “As long as my husband is with Raffi, I pray for the best,” said Chacha Frederica regarding the Pilkada to the media in the Tendean district, South Jakarta, Tuesday (28/5/2024). “During the photoshoot, Gigi was also there. So, Gigi and I as wives support our husbands as long as it is positive, good, and beneficial for many people. Yes, we support it,” Chacha Frederica added.

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