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The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) is open to forming a coalition with PDI-P after officially nominating Anies Baswedan & Sohibul Iman as gubernatorial pair for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada.

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Secretary-General of the National Mandate Party (PAN) Eddy Soeparno mentioned that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) agreed to endorse the same candidate in several regions participating in the 2024 Simultaneous Pilkada. “We mentioned from the beginning that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition, especially for the DKI Pilkada, we would decide to endorse a uniform candidate pair, and

[vidio:VIDEO: If Ordered by the Nasdem Chairman, Ahmad Sahroni is Ready to Run in the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election](https://www.vidio.com/watch/8245529-jika-diperintahkan-ketum-nasdem-ahmad-sahroni-siap-maju-di-pilgub-dki-jakarta-liputan-6)

Typically, the Pilkada is conducted twice, specifically the regional elections and the legal dispute process at the Constitutional Court (MK). “Typically, if the Pilkada is held twice, it means what? That means first conducted locally, secondly at the MK,” stated Hadi while giving guidance in the Coordination Meeting of the 2024 simultaneous Pilkada organizers in Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Wednesday. “That’s why the Indonesian National Armed Forces-Police have to be vigilant about security during the actual Pilkada and during the MK sessions, ensuring the readiness of the TNI-Polri forces to safeguard the regions,” he continued. Hadi expects the 2024 Pilkada stages will proceed without problems and safely without any hindrances in their implementation. Besides, post-Pilkada security must also be ensured. Hadi continued that political and legal stability is essential. He believes, the state and condition of Polhukam stability will greatly affect the Pilkada stages. “We concur that all components of the nation and state must to maintain political, legal, and security stability for the 2024 Pilkada,” he concluded. Preventing Conflict Before the 2024 Pilkada Hadi Tjahjanto provided a special message to the TNI, Polri, and BIN for the safety of the 2024 simultaneous Pilkada. Hadi advised that regions with possible conflicts should be addressed before security issues arise. He said this while giving instructions in the Coordination Meeting of the 2024 Pilkada organizers in Makassar, South Sulawesi, on June 26th, 2024. “Particularly TNI, Polri, and BIN. BIN was also present, in the mapping of regions, have to identify regions with potential conflicts to mitigate security issues before they arise,” stated Hadi. “TNI, Polri, and BIN must be vigilant, aware beforehand, so that they can anticipate any possible issues,” he added. Furthermore, Hadi requested collaboration from local governments in supporting the 2024 Pilkada organization. If local governments fail to support, the simultaneous Pilkada will certainly be hindered. “Therefore, total synergy can ensure the successful conduct of the 2024 concurrent Pilkada,” he said. Hadi urged local governments to take strategic steps, including avoiding overlaps between the central and local governments.

According to Junimart Girsang, a political leader from PDIP, the individual connection in between Megawati and Prabowo has actually always been solid, rooted in a long-lasting relationship. This personal bond, existing individually from their political associations, highlights the possibility for unity and reconciliation in the broader political landscape.

The meeting focused on economic inflation and the 2024 local elections (Pilkada). “Oh yes, during a meeting of party leaders, they discuss many things. But what we talked about was inflation. We also discussed the Pilkada,” Zulhas said reporters in the Complex of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, on June 14, 2024. Zulhas said he suggested the former Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, to be put forward for the 2023 Jakarta Pilkada. According to him, the suggestion was agreed upon by the party leaders who attended the meeting. “Yes, I suggested Ridwan Kamil for Jakarta, and everyone was in agreement,” he remarked. When asked whether Kaesang might accompany Ridwan Kamil in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada, Zulhas said that it had not been determined yet. However, he stated that the party leaders required Kaesang to win the Pilkada. “Yes, I believe so. I informed at that time to the President whether Kaesang could. The President responded, ‘No’. But the parties require him,” he added. “Yes, but the parties need him. For what? To win,” continued. He believes that Ridwan Kamil wouldn’t have an issue with whoever runs with him in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada, as long as it brings victory. Zulkifli Hasan stated that Ridwan Kamil’s deputy would be decided by the party leaders. “Mr. RK (Ridwan Kamil) would accept anyone as long as they ensure victory. As long as they secure victory, we will discuss,” noted Zulkifli Hasan.

PKS, he said, already comprehends Anies’ quality, so there is no need to carry out an eligibility and propriety test for the former Minister of Education and Culture. Syaikhu added that PKS is already close with Anies, which is why he does not need to undergo an eligibility test in the party numbered eight in the 2024 Election

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