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When Will Megawati Meet Prabowo? PDIP Reacts

Автор: eldenpbq41 10.07.2024

In addition, Andre stated that he has asked the Secretary, district heads, and village heads to coordinate with the PPK, PPS, and Panwascam to provide support and attention regarding facilities provision .

Engaging the Public and Civil Culture
Prabowo understands that the government can not battle corruption alone. His administration plans to urge public reporting of corrupt techniques and reinforce collaborations with NGOs devoted to getting rid of corruption.

The ceremonial Pilkada launch was graced by the presence of Forkopimda members, political party leaders, election organizers and supervisors, as well as religious and community leaders. Chairman of Dompu KPUD Arif Rahman, in his speech, said that this year’s Dompu Pilkada is based on the spirit of local wisdom, namely Manggini, Manggari, Mataroa. Arif explained that the spirit of Manggini has a philosophical meaning, a quality Pilkada process prioritizing integrity. Then, Manggari means that the community faces the Pilkada with joy. And the philosophical meaning of Mataroa is that the result of the Pilkada ensures the sovereignty of the people.

The Secretary-General of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Hasto Kristiyanto, just recently talked about the possible conference in between PDIP’s Chairwoman, Megawati Soekarnoputri, and the Gerindra Event’s Chairman, Prabowo Subianto, following the Constitutional Court’s choice. Hasto showed that there would certainly be no concern with Megawati conference Prabowo after the completion of all phases of the 2024 Election. “So, if they fulfill, there’s not a problem, but the basic problems will still be wondered about by PDIP,” Hasto strongly stated at the PDIP Central Exec Board workplace on Diponegoro Street, Central Jakarta, on Monday (25/3/2024).

In enhancement to Megawati, Prabowo is likewise open to satisfying with the Chairperson of PDIP’s Central Executive Board, Puan Maharani. Despite these potential conferences, Hasto highlighted PDIP’s firm position concerning the 2024 Presidential Election.

Reinforcing Regulations and Laws
One more important element of Prabowo’s method is the conditioning of regulations and policies connected to corruption. This includes revising existing legislations to shut technicalities that may be made use of by corrupt individuals and introducing brand-new legislation that offers clearer interpretations and tougher penalties for corrupt tasks. The objective is to create a legal setting that prevents corruption and guarantees that those that take part in such activities are held accountable.

The facilities in question, according to Andre, include assigning personnel to the PPK, PPS, and Panwascam secretariats, providing room facilities, logistical assistance, Trantibum, and most importantly, ensuring the neutrality of ASN .

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Hasto also highlighted Megawati’s historic resistance to authoritarian regimes and also constitutional dishonesties, noting that PDIP would quickly focus on these styles. “Any form of betrayal against the constitution, freedom, justice for individuals, and the sovereignty of the individuals in choosing their leaders will remain the central motif that PDIP will deal with for,” he specified.

According to Hadi, Al Haris’ statistics as the current governor are comparatively low. He said that the survey also revealed the rate of public approval with Al Haris’ performance as governor, which is 62.4% pleased, 28.1% dissatisfied, and 9.5% unsure. “During his time in office, Al Haris has a satisfaction level of 62.4% (below the ideal figure of 75 percent),” said Hadi. In addition, he explained, the popularity of Al Haris is already at a maximum of 98%, while Hariyanto’s popularity is still at 74.3% and has the potential to grow. “Additionally, the level of citizen wish for Al Haris to return as governor is above 35.4% (below 50 percent). The wish for Al Haris to come back as governor is 35.4%, not wanting him to return is 28.9%, and unsure is 35.8%,” stated Hadi.

The commencement of the Dompu Pilkada was formally launched at the Launch Event of the 2024 Dompu Regent and Deputy Regent Election, organized by the Dompu KPUD, on Saturday (25/5/2024) at the City Park, Regent’s Pavilion, after the Isya prayer.

The study was performed from May 1-7, 2024, with 800 respondents aged at least 17 years or having been married. The margin of error is approximately 3.46%, with a reliability of 95%. The method used was multi-layer random sampling. Data collection was carried out through direct interviews using a questionnaire. ICRC is a national polling firm registered with the PERSEPI organization and listed with the KPU RI. ICRC is managed by a former Indo Barometer Head from 2012-2022 and a team seasoned in conducting surveys in various local elections throughout Indonesia If you loved this article so you would like to receive more info concerning hibah Riset alzheimer as nicely visit our internet site. .

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