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Chairwoman of the PDIP Central Executive Board (DPP) Puan Maharani stated that her party is considering the Chairman of the Central Java PDIP Regional Executive Board (Dewan Pimpinan Daerah) Bambang Wuryanto or Bambang Pacul and Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi to run in the 2024 Central Java Pilkada.

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The Iftar Meet-Up
Recently, Raffi Ahmad and Gibran Rakabuming got with each other for an iftar, a moment recorded and shared by Raffi on his Instagram. This was not simply any kind of common celebration; it was an unique celebration, as Gibran had actually simply been revealed as the Vice President-Elect together with Prabowo Subianto as President for the 2024 term.

**Response from Central Java Police Chief Ahmad Luthfi** Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi’s name is gaining traction to run in the 2024 Central Java Pilkada. He responded to this matter. “I am still on duty. If it is the people’s aspiration and the people assess it, but for now, I am still on duty carrying out official activities,” Luthfi stated at The Tribrata, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, on June 24, 2024. So far, he has not communicated with any political party about the Central Java Pilkada. “Not yet, not yet (no communication),” he said. However, he is ready to relinquish his position if endorsed as a gubernatorial candidate by a political party. “Yes, of course (I will resign if nominated),” he stated. He has not yet decided to resign from the police force in the near future. Luthfi mentioned that he is still monitoring the situation going forward. “We will see the situation,” he stated.

“It could be (Bambang Pacul), maybe (Ahmad Luthfi),” she stated to reporters at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday. However, Puan was hesitant to mention the name that PDIP will nominate. She noted that the current names, including Bambang Pacul and Ahmad Luthfi, are very interesting. “All the names that are emerging are being considered, all are interesting,” she said.

Reflecting on Friendship and Humbleness
The gathering between Raffi and Gibran acts as a suggestion that regardless of the high placements and public scrutiny, at the heart of these communications are genuine friendships and moments of humility. Their capacity to maintain a light-hearted behavior in the middle of their duties talks quantities regarding their personality.

Anies hopes that Jakarta’s residents can find happiness and also highlighted the goal of making Jakarta a progressive city for its inhabitants. “We want Jakarta’s residents to feel progress and be happy,” said Anies

Astri mentioned that the independent candidate pair Dharma Pongrekun and Kun Wardana submitted about 28% of their support documents via the candidate nomination application (Silon). The remaining documents were submitted in physical form and are currently being processed. “We will review these support documents,” stated Astri. Meanwhile, Jakarta KPU member Dody Wijaya stated that the pair uploaded around 160 thousand support documents through the Silon application and submitted around 690 thousand in physical form. “We are only counting the numbers. So later, the truth will be verified. This acceptance stage is only to see if the documents are there, complete or not,” Dody said. The Jakarta KPU, Dody said, will issue a receipt if the number meets the minimum requirement of 618,968 supports. This figure is in accordance with Jakarta KPU Decision No. 47 of 2024, which states that independent candidates must have the support of 7.5% of the total Permanent Voter List (DPT) in the previous Jakarta election, which had 8.2 million voters. “But if it does not meet the minimum requirement, we will return the documents to the candidate pair,” Dody said.

Burhanuddin said the Central Sulawesi Pilkada is only about 5 months away. However, he stated, if there is no change in the socialization pattern in the remaining time, Ahmad Ali’s chances of winning are more open. “The direct election is still about 5 months away, but if there is no change in the socialization pattern in the remaining time, then Ahmad Ali has the greatest likelihood of becoming the winner in the direct election for the Governor of Central Sulawesi on November 27, 2024,” he explained.

In the survey, Ali obtained 33.5% if the simulation included only four names for the 2024 Central Sulawesi Pilkada. The four names included in the simulation were Ahmad Ali with 33.5%, Anwar Hafid with 20.2%, Rusdy Mastura with 9.3%, and Mohamad Irawan Lapatta with approximately 3.9%. However, the electoral gap tends to remain constant among the top three names, with support bases relatively balanced.

Jakarta KPU member Dody Wijaya stated that four prospective independent candidates did not submit the required support documents by the deadline on Sunday (12/5/2024) at 11:59 PM WIB. “By the end, five had consulted, and only one pair, Dharma Pongrekun and Kun Wardana, submitted the support documents to the Jakarta KPU by the deadline,” said Jakarta KPU member Dody Wijaya on Monday (13/5/2024), according to Antara.

nThis was conveyed by Anies in response to the statement from PPP politician and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) RI, Sandiaga Uno, regarding the proposal to promote sustainability in Jakarta

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