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Ganjar Pranowo Chooses to Remain Outside the Prabowo-Gibran Federal government

Автор: earnestinehaywor 11.07.2024

Vice-presidential candidate number 2, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, made a considerable check out to the Ora Aji Islamic Boarding College (Ponpes) in Kalasan, Sleman, DI Yogyakarta, on Tuesday (26/3/2024). Gibran’s see, getting here precisely at 09:30 AM, was much more than a rule; it was a motion of regard and a request for blessings following the General Election Payment’s (KPU) news of his win along with Prabowo Subianto in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Head of Bappilu DPW NasDem Jatim Suhandoyo S. explained the justification for giving the endorsement to the “Santri” pair, noting the strong commitment of both young figures to further improve the well-being of the citizens of Gresik. “We have assessed various factors, including communications. Additionally, the poll data for this team are very promising,” he said. The handover of the endorsement was attended by members from both parties, including Gresik lawmaker and elected DPR RI official T. Majiddanor, also known as Jiddan.

The survey population consists of all Indonesian citizens in Central Sulawesi who are eligible to vote, specifically those aged 17 or older, or those who are married at the time of the survey. The sample was selected using a multistage random sampling method. In this survey, the sample size is 1,200 people . Assuming a simple random sampling method, a sample size of 1,200 respondents has a margin of error of ± 2.9% at a 95% confidence level . The samples are proportionally distributed across all districts/cities in Central Sulawesi

The current conference between Prabowo Subianto, the President-elect of Indonesia in 2024, and Surya Paloh, the Chairman of the Nasdem Event, has been a rejuvenating item of information for the individuals of Indonesia. Held at the Nasdem Tower on March 22, this event is seen as a testimony to Prabowo Subianto’s statesmanship. According to Mohamad Mahardhika Suprapto, commonly recognized as Didi Soekarno from the Gerindra Event, Prabowo’s actions are very concerned as focusing on national interests over team advantages. Prabowo Subianto’s meeting with Surya Paloh marks a substantial minute in Indonesian politics, signifying a step in the direction of greater unity and cooperation among political leaders and parties. By focusing on nationwide rate of interests and advertising a culture of vital cooperation, Prabowo establishes a good example for others to adhere to.

Moreover, the voter base of the Ali-Abdul pair was also a factor for PSI in recommending them. “Although we have many potential cadres in Central Sulawesi, we need to be realistic; this pair is the strongest and aligns with us, so why not,” stated Kaesang

nThe Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) has given a recommendation to Ahmad Ali and Abdul Karim Aljufri to run as governor and deputy governor candidates for Central Sulawesi in the 2024 Regional Election

Data collection for the Journalist Safety Index survey was conducted from January 22 to February 13, 2024, using a self-filling method by sending questionnaires to journalists registered in various organizations, visiting journalists in the field, and interviewing some journalists to verify crucial information

Forms of violence during election coverage include coverage bans (44 percent), reporting bans (41 percent), terror and intimidation (38 percent), deletion of coverage results (35 percent), threats (23 percent), and the remainder in the form of digital attacks, destruction or confiscation of equipment, and physical violence

M. Syahrul voiced his gratitude and thankfulness for being granted the responsibility to fight together in the local Gresik election. “We will immediately consolidate and communicate, as well as reach out and engage with the people to realize the goal of victory,” he said on Monday. When asked about his explanation for picking Tri Putro Utomo as his partner, Syahrul saw the capability and standing that is anticipated to attract votes. “Mas Tri is a prosperous entrepreneur, he also stands for the southern region of Gresik, while I symbolize the middle and north areas. Our moniker ‘Santri’ is a symbol of Gresik,” said the 33-year-old politician. Predicted to go against the current holder, Syahrul stated that he is ready and dedicated to making Gresik better and more advanced. With the endorsement given to the “Santri” pair, PKB and NasDem came to terms to join forces in the voting scheduled for November 27th, 2024. Even though they have enough seats to file with the KPU (PKB 14 seats and NasDem two seats), they are continuing to talk with other parties that have the same objectives.

Gibran clarified that his browse through was totally for league, recognizing the time that had passed since he last fulfilled Gus Miftah. After coming from Jakarta, I right away visited him while he was complimentary,” Gibran stressed.

Ganjar’s concentrate on community-based activities demonstrates a dedication to grassroots development. Campaigns in education, environmental conservation, and economic empowerment are crucial for developing a much more equitable culture.

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