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Ganjar Pranowo Chooses to Remain Outside the Prabowo-Gibran Government

Автор: muhammadt15 11.07.2024

3. Click “Final Candidate List” After selecting the appropriate candidacy menu, click on the “Final Candidate List” option. This option will display the list of legislative candidates determined by the KPU to participate in the 2024 Pilkada.

Forms of violence during election coverage include coverage bans (44 percent), reporting bans (41 percent), terror and intimidation (38 percent), deletion of coverage results (35 percent), threats (23 percent), and the remainder in the form of digital attacks, destruction or confiscation of equipment, and physical violence

This 2024 Pilkada involves 508 regencies/cities, making it one of the largest democratic events in Indonesia. The Chairman of the KPU, Hasyim Asy’ari, emphasized the importance of conducting elections in accordance with the prevailing laws and ethical codes. In its implementation, all KPU levels at the provincial and regency/city levels must always coordinate with local governments, law enforcement, and related parties to ensure the Pilkada runs smoothly.

nThe consortium of these three organizations sees major issues that further restrict the press and journalists, primarily due to the lack of systematic mechanisms for protecting the work of journalists and citizen journalists

2. Choose the Candidacy Menu On the main page of the website, find and select the candidacy menu that suits your needs. Available menu options include: “DPD Candidacy” for Regional Representative Council “DPR RI Candidacy” for People’s Representative Council of Indonesia “Provincial DPRD Candidacy” for Provincial Regional Representative Council “Regency/City DPRD Candidacy” for Regency/City Regional Representative Council

**Duties and Responsibilities of Pantarlih** Each Polling Station (TPS) has one Pantarlih. However, if the number of voters in one TPS exceeds 400 voters, the Regency/Municipal KPU and PPS can appoint two Pantarlih for that TPS. This is intended to ensure that the voter data update process runs efficiently and accurately. The primary duties of Pantarlih include: Helping the Regency KPU, PPK, and PPS in compiling the voter list. Conducting voter data matching and research. Providing registered proof to voters. Submitting the results of the matching and research to the PPS. Performing other tasks assigned by the KPU, Provincial KPU, PPK, and PPS according to regulations. The responsibilities of Pantarlih include: Coordinating with PPS in compiling the voter list from the update results. Compiling and submitting reports to PPS on the implementation of the matching and research. Being accountable to PPS in performing their duties. Technically, according to KPU Decision Number 27 of 2023 on Technical Guidelines for Voter List Compilation, Pantarlih also has duties such as attending technical guidance, preparing work plans, coordinating with PPS and RT/RW, conducting coklit, making daily reports, determining potential TPS addresses, compiling coklit results reports, handing over all work tools to PPS, and assisting PPS in compiling the voter list. In carrying out all their duties and responsibilities, Pantarlih must be accountable to PPS to ensure that the voter data update process runs smoothly and according to established procedures.

This decision is inspired by his determination to present a different choice, presenting a new perspective and background to the citizens of Banten, apart from the long-standing political family in the region. The leadership of Arief Wismansyah in Tangerang has been acknowledged for advancement in city management and development of inclusive infrastructure, creating a solid base to advance the province of Banten. In this context, he is resolved to promoting social equity, sustainable development, and fair development throughout Banten. Arief expressed his readiness to face the challenges of the Banten Pilkada with a vision aimed at positive progress and advancement for all community members. He shared that his decision to run was initially unexpected, but the encouragement from the community and his family made him reconsider. He stated that a meeting with Vice President Ma’ruf Amin significantly affected his decision to run. “I was called by Ma’ruf Amin, and we had a meeting. He asked, are you really running, Mr. Arief? If you want to run, you have to win; if you’re not sure you can win, don’t run, he said. I agreed with him. Eventually, on Monday afternoon, I decided to run,” Arief said when met in the Karawaci area of Tangerang City, Sunday (23/06/2024). Arief also expressed his views on the dominant political dynasty in Banten, noting the division in the community related to this dominance. Nevertheless, he is confident about competing with famous candidates in the region. “I hope to partner with the people of Banten to develop jointly, including with the existing dynasties,” he added. If you beloved this posting and you would like to acquire additional info concerning Trump Gingrich pecahkan Rekor (indianaexplained.com) kindly visit our own website. Arief emphasized his readiness to collaborate with various parties for the advancement of Banten, without neglecting the interests of the people. “Whatever the outcome, I hope the next leadership can deliver the best for Banten,” he concluded. With this step, Arief Rachadiono Wismansyah asks the people of Banten to support a shared vision in developing the region through the upcoming election.

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