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Head of the East Java Provincial Election Supervisory Board (East Java Bawaslu), A Warits, announced that they are continuously encouraging participatory supervision from the public in the organization of the 2024 Pilkada.

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In addition to the Jakarta Pilkada, Puan admitted that she is also considering candidates for the East Java Pilkada. “We communicate all names and try to simulate all names because each region has its own differences and peculiarities. So all names need to be considered,” she stated.

the voter list 5. August 24—August 26, 2024: Notice of candidate pair registration 6. August 27—August 29, 2024: Registration of candidate pairs 7. August 27—September 21, 2024: Validation of candidate requirements 8. September 22, 2024: Establishment of candidate pairs 9. September 25—November 23, 2024: Campaign period 10. November 27, 2024: Election day 11. November 27—December 16, 2024: Counting and tallying of votes and recapitulation of results

The independent candidate pair was declared ineligible (TMS) in the 2024 Malang City Pilkada by the General Election Commission (KPU) based on the results of administrative verification. Bawaslu had mediated both parties, but no agreement was reached. Thus, an adjudication hearing was held, using a third party, in this case, Bawaslu Malang City, as the adjudicator. The first hearing was held on June 25, 2024, with the agenda being the reading of the petitioner’s request and the response from KPU as the respondent.

**Targeted by Golkar** The Central Java Regional Executive Board (DPD) of the Golkar Party is open to endorsing Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi as a gubernatorial candidate in the 2024 Central Java Pilkada. Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Central Java Golkar Party DPD and former Karanganyar Regent Juliyatmono in Karanganyar, Central Java, on Tuesday, mentioned that several potential names have been inventoried. “We are still inventorying all possible candidates, including Mr. Police Chief. Everyone wants to win,” he said. According to him, the party is widely open to external figures who wish to run in the 2024 Central Java Pilkada. “It is very possible. Especially now, the situation is still dynamic. There are many capable candidates,” he said.

Previously, Bambang Pacul mentioned that his party is still finalizing the nominations for the 2024 Central Java Pilgub. Pacul emphasized that PDIP is open to any prominent figures, including Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi. “It is still in discussion and under survey, and we will report the decision to the central committee,” Bambang Pacul stated in response to whether the Central Java PDIP has shortlisted Ahmad Luthfi’s name at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on June 20, 2024. Pacul mentioned that the names of prominent figures emerging from various survey results will be proposed to the PDIP Central Executive Board (DPP). He left the decision on the Central Java Pilkada nominations to PDIP Chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri. “The decision is at the central level, but we will submit the data and survey results,” Pacul stated in response to questions about Ahmad Luthfi being considered by PDIP in Central Java. “The final decision in Central Java is in the hands of the Chairwoman. If PDIP doesn’t nominate, it’s impossible. We will definitely nominate someone. Which one, we don’t know yet,” he added.

Previously, PDIP DPP Chairman Eriko Sotarduga revealed that if his party cooperates with PKB to nominate Anies Baswedan in the Jakarta Pilkada, his party would offer the gubernatorial seat in East Java to PDIP. “For example, if in Jakarta PKB becomes the gubernatorial candidate. Is it okay if in East Java PDIP becomes the gubernatorial candidate? It’s not a barter, but that’s what cooperation is, we cannot work alone, we cannot be egotistical because we cannot progress alone,” said Eriko at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on June 25, 2024.

Previously, PDIP DPP Chairman Said Abdullah admitted that he had visited Cak Imin’s residence to discuss cooperation in the Jakarta Pilkada. Said mentioned that PKB is already set on nominating Anies Baswedan for the Jakarta gubernatorial election. “We went to the PKB Chairman’s house, I remember it was after Friday prayers on May 30 before departing for Mecca. We had a heart-to-heart talk, as communication is definitely built among the elites, sharing views and perspectives,” said Said.

Participatory supervision itself, Warits said, is the activity of ensuring the process of Pilkada stages by collecting data, information, and inventorying findings related to the implementation of the Pilkada by independent and non-partisan community groups or organizations. “Participatory supervision aims to ensure the conduct of honest, fair, clean, and transparent elections whose results can be accepted by all parties, both Pilkada participants and the wider community,” clarified Warits.

**Response from Central Java Police Chief Ahmad Luthfi** Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi’s name is gaining traction to run in the 2024 Central Java Pilkada. He responded to this matter. “I am still on duty. If it is the people’s aspiration and the people assess it, but for now, I am still on duty carrying out official activities,” Luthfi stated at The Tribrata, Kebayoran Baru, For more on Trump Dukung Inna Vernikov review the web site. South Jakarta, on Monday. So far, he has not communicated with any political party about the Central Java Pilkada. “Not yet, not yet (no communication),” he stated. However, he is ready to relinquish his position if nominated as a gubernatorial candidate by a political party. “Yes, of course (I will resign if nominated),” he stated. He has not yet decided to resign from the police force in the near future. Luthfi mentioned that he is still monitoring the situation going forward. “We will see the situation,” he stated.

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