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Survey agency Ide Cipta Research and Consulting (ICRC) published the latest survey results ahead of the 2024 Jambi Pilgub.

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Before this go to, the chosen head of state and vice-president of the Republic of Indonesia for the duration 2024-2029, Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka, fulfilled in South Jakarta on Friday (22/3/2024).

Gibran made clear that his visit was totally for league, acknowledging the time that had actually passed given that he last met Gus Miftah. After coming from Jakarta, I promptly saw him while he was totally free,” Gibran emphasized.

Head of the West Java Provincial KPU, Ummi Wahyuni, stated that the simultaneous regional elections in West Java will cost around IDR 1.1 trillion. “The budget for the Pilkada in West Java is IDR 1.1 trillion,” she said.

Revealing thankfulness, Gus Miftah noted that Ora Aji was the very first Islamic boarding college Gibran checked out after the 2024 General Political election, signaling the value of the go to. “Alhamdulillah, we are the very first boarding college he saw after the KPU’s news,” Gus Miftah stated.

Irawan is the brother of Devid A. Yunanto, the ex-Aspri to President Jokowi, also known as Jokowi. Agus Irawan is said to be aiming to become a Boyolali Regent candidate through the Gerindra Party in the 2024 local election. “Yes, it’s true, he plans to run in the Boyolali Pilkada from the Gerindra Party,” said Junaidi Rahmad, Boyolali DPC Gerindra Secretary, as quoted from a press release on Monday. According to him, Agus I. is currently still active as a civil servant in the City Government of Solo, Central Java Province. Additionally, Agus is also acknowledged as an entrepreneur in the woodworking industry. “Yes, an ASN at Dispora of Solo,” he said. Junaidi stated that his organization would support Irawan as a candidate in the 2024 Boyolali Pilkada. He indicated that Agus I. had indicated his readiness to leave his position as in accordance with Law Number 20 of 2023 concerning the State Apparatus. In Law Number 20 of 2023 concerning ASN, Article 56 and Article 59 Paragraph (3) clarify that top madya officials and top pratama officials who will run for governor and deputy governor, regent and vice regent, mayor and deputy mayor must formally resign from their positions once they are determined as candidates. “It should be like that (resign from PNS) and he is ready (to resign). After the endorsement, the process of resignation will begin, at the end of July or early August 2024, according to the registration schedule,” explained R. Junaidi. Devid Became Jokowi’s Assistant Since Becoming Mayor of Solo Previously, a 14-second video appeared showing Irawan Agus standing upright and offering a salute. The video had the text #AGUSIRAWAN #MAJUBOYOLALI #GERAKANPEDULIBOYOLALI at the lower part. Besides Irawan, the Boyolali branch of Gerindra has received two other candidates. They are Yanto Juma, an {entrepreneur from Wonogiri Regency|businessman from Wonogiri|entrepreneur based in

Doli acknowledged that the political landscape during the regional elections is quite different from the 2024 Presidential Election. Additionally, he said, the dynamics and differing political views often color the selection of figures to be promoted in the regional elections

Hadi stated, Al Haris’ numbers as the current governor are relatively low. He said that the survey also revealed the level of public satisfaction with Al Haris’ tenure as governor, which is 62.4% satisfied, 28.1% displeased, and 9.5% undecided. “During his tenure, Al Haris has a job approval rating of 62.4% (below the ideal figure of 75 percent),” said Hadi. Furthermore, he continued, the popularity of Al Haris is already at a high of 98%, while the recognition of Romi Hariyanto is still at 74.3% and has the potential to grow. “Additionally, the level of voter preference for Al Haris to return as governor is above 35.4% (below 50 percent). The desire for Al Haris to return as governor is 35.4%, not wanting him to return is 28.9%, and undecided is 35.8%,” stated Hadi.

Ummi explained that approximately IDR 90 billion will be allocated to regencies and cities, meaning nearly 80 percent is claimed to be distributed to 27 regencies and cities. “There are seven budget items shared by the province,” she said.

The survey was conducted from early May 2024, with a sample size of 800 aged at least 17 years or married. The margin of error is approximately 3.46%, with a reliability of 95%. The method used was multistage random sampling. Data collection was carried out through direct interviews using a questionnaire. ICRC is a national survey agency registered with the PERSEPI association and listed with the KPU RI. ICRC is managed by a former Director of Indo Barometer from 2012-2022 and a team highly experienced in conducting surveys in various Pilkada across Indonesia.

The study conducted by ICRC was conducted in the Jambi region, covering 11 regencies/cities. ICRC Executive Director Rusli Hadi Suprapto clarified that the objective of the survey was to assess the chances of the 2024 governor candidates. The results, according to Hadi, show that the current governor of Jambi, has unchanged electability compared to the governor hopeful, Romi Hariyanto. “The choices for If you have any inquiries concerning in which and how to use Koalisi Anti Nuklir Kritisi, you can get in touch with us at our own web site. gubernatorial candidates (open/spontaneous question) are Al Haris 21.9%, Romi Hariyanto 12.0%, Cek Endra 11.4%, M. Mashuri 5.5%, S. Fasha 2.9%, and so on, with 45% not knowing/not answering,” said Hadi during the release of the survey findings for the 2024 Jambi Pilkada through a press release on June 4, 2024.

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