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The Chairman of DPD PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) West Java, Ono Surono, stated that his party is open to the possibility of recruiting former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti for the 2024 Regional Election (Pilkada) .

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The story of Dewi and her fellow business owners in Bekasi is a testament to the power of decision, calculated monetary management, and the benefits of accepting digital advertising. Sustained by PNM Mekaar and BRI, these females are not just preserving an abundant social practice however additionally leading the means for financial empowerment and success in the digital period. Their journey from neighborhood markets to global fame is a motivating plan for SMEs worldwide.

Head of state Jokowi’s appreciation for the progress made by PNM Mekaar and BRI in sustaining SMEs emphasizes the impact of these efforts. The remarkable rise in consumers and credit scores offered highlights the success of these programs in cultivating economic growth and financial incorporation.

n”Yes, we in the Advanced Indonesia Coalition have been determined from the start that this coalition is not only a permanent coalition in the DPR but also in the regional elections. In various upcoming regional elections, we will sit together with the Advanced Indonesia Coalition. Then we will map out each area where we can work together because not all areas can be collaborated on,” said PAN Secretary General, Eddy Soeparno, to reporters at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (March 18, 2024)

Additionally, he mentioned that the party also considered various inputs from figures, clerics, religious leaders, cross-sect leaders, scholars, and the public in Jakarta. “The main aspects considered were candidates with good leadership experience in both the executive and legislative branches, a proven track record, credibility, capacity, and a high probability of winning,” he stated. Furthermore, Syaikhu believes that the Anies-Sohibul Iman pair is a good match. According to Syaikhu, they complement each other for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. “Some have already coined the acronym AMAN (Anies-Sohibul Iman). Whatever the name, Anies-Sohibul Iman has the qualifications to complement each other and lead DKI Jakarta,” stated Syaikhu.

“PDIP will investigate. Whether Mrs. Susi is ready for us to endorse. We can also encourage other parties to further explore Mrs. Susi’s readiness. I think Susi Pudjiastuti is quite an interesting figure,” said Ono at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (June 19, 2024)

For reference, KPU Decision No. 360 of 2024 concerns the determination of the outcomes of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections, and the election of members of the DPR, DPD, Provincial DPRD, and Regency/Municipal DPRD at the national level in the 2024 General Election

In a neighborhood neighborhood of Bekasi, a team of productive ladies, part of the PNM Mekaar program, are turning heads with their flourishing jamu (standard Indonesian organic medicine) service. Following a heartwarming encounter with President Joko Widodo, these women, led by Dewi, an effective entrepreneur from Babelan, Bekasi, have actually been revitalized to press their venture to new elevations. Their brand name, ‘Dewi Poetri’, just recently highlighted by President Jokowi himself, is currently not simply a regional preferred however an internationally acknowledged name, with orders flying as for Dubai.

The re-vote must be carried out within 45 days of the decision. In response, KPU RI Commissioner Idham Holik stated that they have prepared for this in accordance with regulations . Idham confirmed that the PSU timeline will not disrupt the 2024 Regional Elections

nThe Chairman of DPD PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) West Java, Ono Surono, said that no party in the Land of Sunda can nominate a governor and deputy governor in the 2024 West Java Pilkada without forming political cooperation

n”Who are they? The party has many cadres in West Java, and the DPP and the assigned team are mapping out who the internal PDIP cadres in West Java will be paired with the gubernatorial candidate,” he said

“It should also be known that KIM is not just focusing on Jakarta and West Java. We have built an understanding to continue the success from the presidential election to the regional elections,” said Doli, quoted from YouTube Liputan6, Thursday (June 20, 2024)

Therefore, Doli mentioned, the coalition backing Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka is continually communicating and developing political strategies to win the Simultaneous Regional Elections in November 2024. [Read More](5624160 5623387 5622951

“For the greater good and for the people of Jakarta, we continue to synchronize with all political parties. Once an agreement is reached, we will inform our colleagues about who the gubernatorial and deputy gubernatorial candidates will be from Gerindra and our friends in the Advanced Indonesia Coalition,” he said

n”Regarding the 45-day period given by the MK, it will not affect the registration schedule for regional head candidates and their deputies ,” Idham told the media on Saturday, June 22, 2024 . Idham explained that once the PSU process is completed according to the MK’s decision , the KPU RI will hold an open plenary meeting related to KPU Decision No. 360 of 2024 . “Once all follow-ups on the Constitutional Court’s decision are done, KPU RI will conduct an open plenary meeting to revise KPU Decision No. 360 of 2024,” Idham clarified

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