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The General Election Commission (KPU) of Padang City, West Sumatra, will recruit 2,854 voter data updating officers (Pantarlih) to match and verify voter data (coklit) for the simultaneous Regional Election (Pilkada) .

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This was stated by Golkar’s leader, Airlangga Hartarto, after attending Eid al-Adha prayers at the Golkar DPP mosque, June 17, 2024. “In the Solo Pilkada, the daughter of Akbar Tanjung will be prepared by the Golkar Party, Sekar K. Tanjung, who is also young,” A. Hartarto told reporters. S. Tanjung is currently the Head of Solo DPD for Golkar. She is set to run in the Solo Pilkada to take over from President Joko Widodo’s eldest son, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, If you liked this article and you would like to receive additional details concerning Kebijakan Emisi Trump ditolak (coalitionforsustainableautoregs.org) kindly go to our own page. who has been elected as deputy president for the next five years. Golkar is confident in nominating the youngest child of Akbar Tanjung. During her career, Krisnauli Tanjung was a journalist at ABC network in 2017. In 2019, she joined the campaign team for Prabowo and Sandiaga.

Recount in Surabaya “We have readied a storage area and assigned security personnel. From our accord with the KPUD along with Bawaslu, we have set up three locks, each held by Bawaslu, KPUD, and the police,” he said. “Thus, we ensure that the election boxes are safe and that the recount process will run smoothly,” he concluded. Meanwhile, KPU Chief for East Java Aang Kunaifi emphasized that the city of Surabaya was chosen for the recount process, considering several elements. “Namely, considering security factors and other factors such as the process of replacing the KPU leadership,” said Aang.

The cooperation in between PNM Mekaar and BRI has actually made significant strides in encouraging women business owners by supplying access to resources. This partnership becomes part of a bigger effort to include the unbanked populace in the official monetary system, aiming to reach 45 million individuals by 2024.

Ending up being a component of the PNM Mekaar program under BRI in 2021 was a game-changer for Dewi. Beginning with a funding of IDR 2 million, she progressively raised her borrowing to IDR 9 million to scale up manufacturing. This financial backing has been vital in allowing her and various other women to expand their services.

In addition, Andre stated that he has asked the Secretary, district heads, and village heads to coordinate with the PPK, PPS, and Panwascam to provide support and attention regarding facilities provision .

Of the many Pilkada stages, Warits disclosed that all stages have vulnerable points for supervision. “The points are in many aspects, right now in the Voter List Update (Pantarlih) stage, later in the candidacy stage. Candidacy must also be supervised, as well as the campaign stage. Campaigns must not violate regulations and must especially avoid intimidation. There should be no intimidation from authorities or election officials who get involved. They must not force people to direct or win certain candidates. I think we must protect this together,” Warits explained.

Participatory supervision itself, Warits stated, is the activity of ensuring the process of Pilkada stages by collecting data, information, and inventorying findings related to the implementation of the Pilkada by independent and non-partisan community groups or organizations. “Participatory supervision aims to ensure the conduct of honest, fair, clean, and transparent elections whose results can be accepted by all parties, both Pilkada participants and the wider community,” explained Warits.

“Because in our country’s constitution, the preamble of the 1945 Constitution mandates that the sovereignty of the people is fundamental in the administration of our state. Achieving our national goals must place the sovereignty of the people as something fundamental,” said Warits in Surabaya on Tuesday. Warits emphasized that through the 2024 Pilkada, the sovereignty of the people must be safeguarded together through participatory supervision in public spaces that need to be created. “Because elections are the voice of the people, they must be protected together. They must not be lost,” he added.

The facilities in question, according to Andre, include assigning personnel to the PPK, PPS, and Panwascam secretariats, providing room facilities, logistical assistance, Trantibum, and most importantly, ensuring the neutrality of ASN.

“Lumajang is incorporated to this Pilkada because of a notable incident in the past,” said Irjen Imam at the Mapolda Jatim on June 21, 2024. Therefore, according to Sugianto, there will be variations in the safeguarding measures between the Pilkada and the last election. This will be adjusted to the characteristics of each region. “The security patterns will definitely change; we are currently charting the Pilkada potential vulnerability index (IPKP) of each region,” said Inspector General Imam. “God willing, in August or September, after the candidate announcement, we will know how to map the security patterns in each region,” added Sugianto.

The possibility to satisfy Head of state Jokowi at a gathering in GOR Bekasi was a transforming factor for Dewi and her fellow entrepreneurs. Becoming a component of the PNM Mekaar program under BRI in 2021 was a game-changer for Dewi. The story of Dewi and her fellow entrepreneurs in Bekasi is a testament to the power of decision, tactical monetary administration, and the benefits of accepting electronic advertising and marketing.

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