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The stages of the Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Regional Election (Pilkada) have begun.

Автор: claudekellett9 11.07.2024

Previously, PDIP DPP Chairperson Mr. Sotarduga suggested that if their party partners with PKB to nominate Anies Baswedan in the Jakarta Pilkada, they would offer the gubernatorial seat in East Java to PDIP. “For example, in Jakarta, if PKB becomes the gubernatorial candidate, can PDIP be the gubernatorial candidate in East Java? Sure, it’s not a barter, but that’s what cooperation means, we can’t win everything on our own, we must work together,” stated Eriko at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

Before entering politics, he continued, Sohibul Iman was known as a technocrat and Muslim scholar. He was involved in the technology sector at the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT). “He is a blend of a skilled bureaucrat, a capable politician, and a respected intellectual in the educational field,” stated Mabruri.

**Prepare Alternatives** The PKS Central Executive Board (DPP) nominated PKS Deputy Chair of the Syuro Council Mohamad Sohibul Iman as a prospective gubernatorial candidate for the Special Capital Region of Jakarta in the 2024 Pilkada. Regarding this, political analyst Adi Prayitno sees this as a reasonable move. He noted that in addition to being a cadre party, PKS also has high voter support in Jakarta. “I think it is quite rational for PKS to propose their internal cadre, Sohibul Iman, to run in the Jakarta Pilgub. There are two reasons: first, PKS is a cadre party that has always put forward its cadres to compete in Pilkada, not only in Jakarta but also in other regions,” he said to Liputan6.com on Monday. “The second reason is the significant increase in PKS’s legislative vote count in 2024, making them the highest vote-winner in Jakarta. These two variables explain why PKS proposed their internal cadre,” he added.

KPU RI Chairman Hasyim Asy’ari, Secretary General Bernad Dermawan Sutrisno, and members Idham Holik and Yulianto Sudrajat. Representatives from the KPU of 38 provinces throughout Indonesia, as well as officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bawaslu, DKPP, and other related agencies, were also in attendance.

**Anticipate Offers for PKS** Adi also sees this as PKS’s effort to anticipate offers from the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM), which is serious about proposing Ridwan Kamil for Jakarta. “At the same time, PKS is a political party highly sought after by other contestants to be their vice-candidate. For example, there was an offer from the KIM camp for PKS to be Ridwan Kamil’s running mate. In this context, PKS is deliberately proposing their cadre to anticipate serious offers to be Ridwan Kamil’s running mate,” he said.

Furthermore, HNW disclosed that potential PKS cadres to be Anies’s deputy include PKS DKI Jakarta DPW Chair Khoirudin, PKS elected DPR RI member candidates, and Gamal Albinsaid. If you loved this write-up and you would like to get much more info about Momen memalukan Presiden Zimbabwe kindly stop by our own website. “However, all of this is still fluid, and the PKS DPP is still observing all developments to make a decision soon,” he said.

The commencement of the Dompu Pilkada was officially inaugurated at the Launching Ceremony of the 2024 Dompu Regent and Deputy Regent Election, organized by the Dompu KPUD, on Saturday (25/5/2024) at the City Park, Regent’s Pavilion, after the Isya prayer.

**Schedule and Stages of the Second Round of the 2024 Presidential Election (if any)**:
– March 22, 2024 – April 25, 2024: Voter data updating and preparation of the voter list
– June 2, 2024 – June 22, 2024: Campaign period for the second round of the 2024 Presidential Election
– June 23, 2024 – June 25, 2024: Quiet period
– June 26, 2024: Voting day for the second round of the 2024 Presidential Election
– June 26, 2024 – June 27, 2024: Vote counting
– June 27, 2024 – July 20, 2024: Recapitulation of vote counting results.

**Proposing Anies** Previously, the Jakarta Regional Executive Board (DPW) of PKS proposed Anies Baswedan to run as a gubernatorial candidate in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. The PKS DPP is requesting the deputy gubernatorial seat. PKS Syuro Council Deputy Chair Hidayat Nur Wahid (HNW) stated that Anies’s name is indeed being discussed externally. Thus, PKS requests that its cadre be Anies’s deputy if the PKS DPP supports Anies. “For example, if Mr. Anies is the gubernatorial candidate from PKS, and he is also nominated by other parties, making him a cross-party candidate, then it is only fair that PKS proposes the deputy governor from PKS,” said HNW during an interview at the PKS DPP office, Jakarta, on Tuesday. He clarified the strong reason for the party’s request for the deputy gubernatorial seat. “In the previous period, PKS supported Mr. Anies as the gubernatorial candidate, but the deputy was not from PKS. It is only fair now that PKS gets the deputy position. Once again, PKS is very capable of providing a competent deputy governor,” he emphasized.

“Eriko’s offer is interesting,” stated Huda at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Wednesday. According to Huda, the possibility of PKB allying with PDIP in Jakarta is open if PDIP is ready to take the deputy governor for Anies and if PKS does not manage to find a coalition partner in the Jakarta Pilkada. “It’s possible that PKB, with PDIP as the deputy, could happen if PKS fails to form a coalition,” clarified Huda.

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