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PKS Spokesperson Mr. Sopian mentioned that his party prefers having two coalitions for the 2024 Jakarta gubernatorial election.

Previously, PDIP DPP Chairperson Mr. Sotarduga proposed that if their party collaborates with PKB to support Anies Baswedan in the Jakarta Pilkada, they propose the gubernatorial seat in East Java to PDIP. “For instance, in Jakarta, if PKB becomes the gubernatorial candidate, can PDIP become the gubernatorial candidate in East Java? Sure, it’s not a […]

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Gibran’s Check out to Ora Aji Islamic Boarding Institution: Looking For True Blessings from Gus Miftah

**Duties and Responsibilities of Pantarlih** Each Polling Station (TPS) has one Pantarlih. However, if the number of voters in one TPS exceeds 400 voters, the Regency/Municipal KPU and PPS can appoint two Pantarlih for that TPS. This is intended to ensure that the voter data update process runs efficiently and accurately. The primary duties of […]

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The West Java Provincial Election Commission (KPU) recently concluded the Launch of the West Java Governor and Deputy Governor Election (Pilgub) at Sabuga Bandung on Monday night (27/5/2024).

Additionally, he mentioned that the party also considered various inputs from figures, clerics, religious leaders, cross-sect leaders, scholars, and the public in Jakarta. “The main aspects considered were candidates with good leadership experience in both the executive and legislative branches, a proven track record, credibility, capacity, and a high probability of winning,” he stated. Furthermore, […]

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Deputy Chairman of the Election Winning Division of the DPP Golkar Party, Ahmad Doli Kurnia, stated that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) seeks to replicate the success of the 2024 Presidential Election.

Not Ready to Talk For now, Dico Ganinduto is not prepared to talk about the prospect of other candidates accompanying him in the 2024 Pilkada. “Yes, we are not ready to say anything yet,” said Dico Ganinduto. **PKB Says Not Certain to Support Anies Baswedan** PKB Deputy Secretary General Syaiful Huda stated that his party […]

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PDIP politician Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok commented regarding his name being mentioned for the North Sumatra gubernatorial election in the 2024 Pilkada.

“Eriko’s offer is interesting,” said Huda at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Wednesday. According to Huda, the possibility of PKB forming a coalition with PDIP in Jakarta is open if PDIP is willing to take the deputy governor for Anies and if PKS does not manage to find a coalition partner in the Jakarta […]

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Bawaslu Kota Malang held the first hearing for the dispute resolution application of the 2024 Malang City Pilkada filed by independent candidate pair Heri Cahyono – Muhammad Rizky Wahyu Utomo (Sam HC-Rizky).

Motivating the Following Generation The unity presented by these leaders has the potential to inspire the future generation of political leaders in Indonesia. It sets a benchmark for For those who have virtually any questions about exactly where along with how you can utilize Visi Misi Senat Alabama (Www.Tripforsenate.Com), you can contact us with our […]

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Bawaslu Kota Malang conducted the first hearing for the dispute resolution application of the Pilkada Kota Malang 2024 filed by independent candidate pair Heri Cahyono – Muhammad Rizky Wahyu Utomo (Sam HC-Rizky Boncel).

“Until July 24, we will conduct voter data coklit, where we want to ensure that all eligible residents of DKI Jakarta are included and recorded in our voter data,” stated Fahmi. According to Fahmi, Pantarlih officers will visit each resident from house to house to match and verify the accuracy of residents’ data with the […]

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